The Story of the Moon and the Wolf

Once upon a time, the sky was filled with joy, of the love and cherish for the wolf and the moon.

They were lovers, with stories so beautiful, everyone in the sky must have heard of their tales.

Not a single wish from the moon that the wolf forgot to give, nor a single day the moon forgot to tell the wolf how much she loves him.

Until the day, the trickster of the north decided to come, out of hatred for their relationship.

The trickster envy them, their wonderful stories, their joy, the very tale of the wolf and the moon.

‘Pick some wild flowers down on earth’ he said to wolf, ‘it is the only wish the moon has never told you’.

The wolf always fulfil the moon’s wish. So he ran, as fast as he can, so afraid that the moon would get sad because of her hidden wish he forgot to give.

He ran, down to the edge of the earth. Found the wild flowers, then try to get back to the sky as fast..

But the sky rejected him. He has touched the earth soil for too long they say. There is no place for him anymore.

he ran, and he ran, yet the trickster has finally got him. No matter how much he ran, he will never see the moon like before. He can’t even shed a tear now, nor can he see the tears shed by the moon.

Then he stopped running.. Fate, the one thing he can never run from.

Now every full moon, the one day she would turn her full face on earth, The wolf cried. Such long and seems unending howl.

For one day he hope, they could be together like before.


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