Then the night comes

Let the night begin

Nothing can be seen

Silence creeping in

Darkness grow obscene

Creatures of the night

Waking up my fright

Time tear us apart

Reaping all my sight

Drink down the entire sun above

Forget all our days in the cloud

Lurking wings replace the sky

Black has filled my eyes

Can’t you hear my plea?

Please come home to me.

Calm the writhing sea.

Will my dreams be once more free?

Creatures of the night.

Revel by my side.

It won’t matter much.

Because you’re not here with me.


Goodbye, Little Strangers

Sadly, this section won’t matter anymore.

At the end of the day, the Sunset’s Locker will be filled with unfinished things.

Maybe, there are other versions being labeled as “Sunset Deity”, but the original has died along with the end of this section. The name “Sunset Deity” will mean something different, something that strayed far from the creation of such entity. But can you actually change what was designed to be unchanged? Maybe not. For some who don’t really care, you’ll see the same face, the same voice, the same colors, but to others who really understand, you’d witness the death of a character. And by that time. you’ll see a tragedy has happened.

In one way or another, The Sunset Deity and its Strangers are made to mend a broken heart. Started from a writer who loves a girl, for she played beautiful tunes for him. Then disappointment befell upon her, she said that she won’t play anymore. She hate it when her melodies left to the ungrateful ears. Then the writer said to her, maybe we can make melodies for ourselves! So then they were born, a world and characters to make the girl play again.

Then all chaos, possibilities, and hope came along. The writer got too ambitious and put too much dreams in his work, forgetting what these characters truly mean. For that, he is sorry. he should have heed the girl’s warning, he should have listen that sooner or later bad things will happen. He should have know, that the crime they commit will forever be unseen by their eyes, as we are mere casualties of a cause. If only he would stop pushing and simply finish what he started, such irony wouldn’t need to happen.

That the writing meant to make the girl play again, makes him want to stop writing at all.

Sayonara, Midnight Strangers, your ill-fated, short life will be remembered. If not by the world, then at least by me.

First night, after a thousand days of light.

The locker is once again filled!

The story so far, is that the Sun has just left, after a long and happy day with a boy.

This is the first night that came after the first dusk. This is the first time earth saw darkness, after a thousand days of light.

All beauty and joy drifted away, for hideousness and sorrow had taken their place. The horizon, the one thing I know as the fairest scape in my utopia, turned into a vast yet suffocating space.

Within the now dark, fear inducing haven, frosty mist rendered my body shivers. From one heavy, shaking gasp to another, chilling habitats suddenly arose and horrifying creatures swiftly revealed themselves. Beasts howling war cry toward others on top of a crude gravel, followed by clashing claws and gnawing fangs, releasing a horrid odor.

Sea creatures surfaced, their eyes were restless, longing for a slipping prey. Weaker ones could only flee, or hide with desperation, hoping not to get devoured.

I was beyond terrified. Nothing I knew before is still present in the dark kingdom. But the worst of all was that I saw my sole companion faded away. I saw her last few fragments of light engulfed by nothingness. They are entirely gone now. In her place I saw a similar figure. It gleamed so weakly, as if it scavenged on the remaining of the Sun’s light. I heed to myself, I shall call it the Moon, for it brings nothing but gloom.

Despite the unpleasant feeling the moon gave me, it possessed the world’s last quivering light. I hesitated at first, yet sudden roar in distant and wet slither on my ankle made my decision to chase it unanimous.

The moon bent her shoulder until they reached one another when I arrived. I did not know anything can do that, though now I know that nothing should have done that. It gave out eerie impression, especially when she traversed her arms pliantly in swaying motion.

I was petrified for a while, and then I remembered what the Sun did during the first light.

A sign of friendliness, something you do to a being if you’re interested to it. And I have to show the Moon that I’m interested. I need her last light.

So I stretched my vertically open palm to her.

I expected that it will answer my gesture with open hand, told me its true name and what can it give to the world.

I expected her welcome.

Instead, it giggled.

A grim giggle. Followed by grim gesture.

It bent its body backwards, letting out one of her leg in the air and put one of its palms the ground. Then it starts walking oddly, bending the body in angles so bizarre, it sometimes uses hands to move and walk.

I thought hands are for reaching, the Sun told me that hands are for reaching. But still, it giggled while running ominously.

The next series of occurrence that I experienced was both erratic and confusing. Everything that I know about the world; all the lesson of the day, was turned upside down. As if the truth is no longer true, and the false is debatable.

Spread both arms then push them back towards the hip, meanwhile you should stroke your legs as hard. That’s what sun said about swimming. But the moon spin in the sea, denies everything I know about water, jetting from one place to another like we’re in land.

Then the moon jumped outside, it circled around a shriveled tiny creature. Little by little, the moon’s circle is getting narrower. I assumed the moon tried to feed the poor critter to ease its fright, for it’s what the sun did in days. So when the moon jumped in closer to the creature, I also jumped in with outstretched hand, hoping to feed it with a pinch of grass.

But then moon’s hand was empty. She flicked her fingers instead, like giving signal to something that has been hiding in the dark. Suddenly I saw huge jaw snapped the critter in half, spurting some sort of red liquid all over the moon’s face.

I jumped back in horror and shock. The moon gave out another giggle and starts to climb the rising mountain instead. I followed, since the moon was my only light. For me to reach the mountain, the sun held my hand so I won’t fell. But the moon made continuous jumps with no clear pattern. I tumbled and crash, I was even plummeted by falling-trees yet the moon kept jumping and dancing freely. Up… up… to the mountain, I can hear it hums faintly.

I saw utter darkness on top of the mountain. The same mountain when the sun showed me the ever-changing world. The moon unexpectedly did exactly as I predicted. It pulled me up to the sky; ask me to grab a winged creature to fly – Just like the Sun did. For a while the creature flew up high. Though I can see nothing, flying is still as mesmerizing. Then the Moon showed me something entirely new. Something the sun never showed me. It showed me how to fall.

For some reason, the winged beast didn’t continue to fly up high. At some point, it pivoted and dived down rapidly into the sea, only to elevate back to the sky. I was too afraid to let go, so I kept holding the beast while it kept thrusting and floating endlessly. I could not figure out what it was doing, but every time the beasts float out of the water back to the sky, an animal wrangled between its beaks. So I guess it was hunting.

At some point, I let myself go for I have grown too weak to hold on. I fell to the ground and lost my consciousness for some times. When I opened my eyes, I saw the moon stood in front of me. The darkness is fading, light is coming from the other side of horizon. The moon looked at me, her figure growing unclear. My heart kept saying go away! Flee and never come back. For my beloved sun is here now.

Then the moon opened its palm to me, waving it right and left, while saying something that seems to sound like “See you soon”