I sometimes wonder, why do we need the others? Transactional relationships are more settling than unprecedented courtesy.  It makes conversations uneasy and reasons shady. I wouldn’t come to their  place, support their  cause, or promote their brand. I will do it if I am charmed by it, If I feel the thrill or infatuated by their works.

Yet as I grew, I understand I cannot be that apathetic. My father showed me through his life; I need to put myself out there, reach out others so they will vouch for me in the time of needs. That’s why I was there when they need me, I share and shout as a support, I give my best to their cause. It’s a transactional courtesy. 

Until the time comes, when I finally need them. My cause, my work, a day when I need them. And I see very few of them. Those whom I invested time and power in, people whom I gave some care, others whom I supported. I learned that courtesy are dying now. My father lived in a different time than mine. People don’t care. Even if you do. It’s the age of apathy, where everybody lives in fantasy. I have to be someone in order to reach anyone. And I am no one. Just a guy who tried to care. And decided to stop doing so now.


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