I won’t lose you. So I said to myself. Its like you’ve shown me a thousand ways to feel. I love sad stories because it’s the only way I can feel. There are much meaning to comprehend, but choosing one would be an understatement. Because meanings trigger logic. I don’t. Words might move this world, it might even change it. But I want my sentences to say what I feel. I want my meanings to disregard what I know.

And that’s what you make me do. Colors in my mind, tunes in my heart, a lingering smile.

Even when the day I’d lose myself come, I cannot lose you. I want to write everything I know and shout it to you. A falling star and the smell of morning. A little light that shimmered from my window, or the scent of you arriving to my door.

I hope I write this right.

Against all my doubts, to question all my disbelief. My whole world’s waiting here for you.

Even though I can’t change the colors of your world, nor I can scratch off all of the hurt.
The moon is not with me. And the ocean leaves me be. All I have is me, who won’t let misery make you filled with doubt, make you fear the world.
I’ll replace them all with my melody of solace. I know nothing much that I can promise you now. But when this world does nothing more than raining you with fears, I’ll be with you.
For that given heart, I won’t return back to you. Just stay in here through all the light.
Maybe you finally consider my side a place for you to come home forever.
No other place can compare as close to mine.
I know nothing much that I can promise you now. Will you make your home with me beyond the shooting star?
Stay here by your side.
Until end of days.
I let go all my ambitions for all your warm embrace.
I need nothing more.
You’re the one I’m fighting for.

Even if I get the chance to live another life, I’ll search for you.

Because in every possible ending I try to write. For all the twists and turns, the past and future premises, the violent end or extravagant epilogue. Not a single one of them is without you in it.

You are the absolute formula, the hero protected by plot, my one source of happiness.

Long live, little princess! In days you can’t face, may my words bring you solace.


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