Our first of many

When you’re standing by my side, I want to make the whole world wish that they are you. In there, you’re the princess like no other, standing tall in an endless summer, with no regards of seconds, minutes or hour, you are the sole ruler in our sea of flower.

The world will envy you. They will wish that they can replace you. But they can’t. Because the throne I built only for you, the summer I made endless in your name, time stopped only in your presence, and each flower grows with the sound of your voice.

And so the world will be disappointed. For some had the chance to be you, but didn’t take it. Yet in that dismay, you will be immortalized. I will take you as high as I could, I will mend your wings if I should. For if you stay like you promised you would. I will be here, for as long as you hope me to be.

If only you could see yourself through my eyes. You will understand. You will see why the world should be jealous of you. And you will see how much you’d mean to me just by simply staying.

Happy 4th, my little light!


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