Light and all the luxury

In every long run, various kind of voices will resound in your mind. The voice that said that another step will be impossible, the distance is way too far, or every aching muscle is now forcing you to give up. But should you listen to them, or should you listen to the lonely calling that whisper illogicality is a state of mind, distance is there to be covered, and the muscles are fine despite the ache, its their nature to be whiny.

Today I listened to the latter, and as I eventually stopped running according to my own will (not the whiny muscle’s), I found the sun crawling again today, greeting the world with its never ending grace. I remember how my family’s religion asks everyone to be awake for prayers every morning. It’s an interesting notion, as one of the most powerful force on earth is the strength of rising sun, while we humans, are called to rise before then. Mesmerizing in many different ways.

For what I was this morning, a single human who tasted simple accomplishment and the sudden revelation of life, I cannot help but to praise some grace. I have beaten the whiny muscles, I have beaten the rising sun, and maybe in time, I will finally beat myself.

So that leave me to one of my everyday question to Him “what have I done in life to deserve such wonderful world?” I said it again to myself again and again, “how am I this blessed?”

And I cannot find that answer, dalam bahasa Indonesianya, “cuma bisa bilang walhamdu…” Menikmati banyaknya pikiran yang terus-terusan bermain dan tersenyum. Kemudian mencoba membaginya ke sebanyak mungkin orang, mereka yang terlalu miskin untuk sadar bahwa langit cerah hari ini adalah anugerah tersendiri, mereka yang terlalu kaya untuk sadar bahwa memiliki teman-teman lebih mahal daripada perusahaan jutaan dolar, mereka yang terlalu sibuk untuk sadar bahwa bumi tidak berputar lebih cepat jika kamu bekerja lebih banyak, mereka yang terlalu mengkhawatirkan masa depan hingga tidak sadar, hari ini adalah hari yang baik.

Mari terus berlaku dan bekerja dengan ikhlas! Remember to keep remembering all things today, for tomorrow might surprise you with all the changes it offers.


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