Goodbye, Little Strangers

Sadly, this section won’t matter anymore.

At the end of the day, the Sunset’s Locker will be filled with unfinished things.

Maybe, there are other versions being labeled as “Sunset Deity”, but the original has died along with the end of this section. The name “Sunset Deity” will mean something different, something that strayed far from the creation of such entity. But can you actually change what was designed to be unchanged? Maybe not. For some who don’t really care, you’ll see the same face, the same voice, the same colors, but to others who really understand, you’d witness the death of a character. And by that time. you’ll see a tragedy has happened.

In one way or another, The Sunset Deity and its Strangers are made to mend a broken heart. Started from a writer who loves a girl, for she played beautiful tunes for him. Then disappointment befell upon her, she said that she won’t play anymore. She hate it when her melodies left to the ungrateful ears. Then the writer said to her, maybe we can make melodies for ourselves! So then they were born, a world and characters to make the girl play again.

Then all chaos, possibilities, and hope came along. The writer got too ambitious and put too much dreams in his work, forgetting what these characters truly mean. For that, he is sorry. he should have heed the girl’s warning, he should have listen that sooner or later bad things will happen. He should have know, that the crime they commit will forever be unseen by their eyes, as we are mere casualties of a cause. If only he would stop pushing and simply finish what he started, such irony wouldn’t need to happen.

That the writing meant to make the girl play again, makes him want to stop writing at all.

Sayonara, Midnight Strangers, your ill-fated, short life will be remembered. If not by the world, then at least by me.


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