Little flock

We were so angry, as crazy as a burning tree.

There’s nothing much to say, but beyond everything I ever knew, I found that we simply looking at a different side of coin.

For me its never about work or Industry, its about being together with those who see what I see.

But nosy little cat called curiosity, mixed with arrogance and inability to listen properly, made the little flock do nothing but to mock.

Like midgets with a whiplash, they thought they deserve to swing it at the old slave. Some of them understand and try to stop, but the shortest keep swinging like crazy, together with the little mad face.

Now, now, this might not be a story of slavery, its just a bear who were slowly pushed out of his own cave. The bear found that his good friend raccoon bring along a little flock, and said they are better for the cave. Of course the bear listen, everybody knew raccons are natural born smart-ass. Its just sometimes the bear got sad, knowing that if the little flock would choose to listen more, they could have had a better cave. He does not care that he built the cave himself, or made it feel like home with all he knows, or paint it with colors that might brighten his days. He just worried the flock will not fly the way they should.

So like a burning tree that decorate our anger, we put all our ego in a box and put it away. I told myself, another time, another chance, I can finally be who I really am. But this journey might not yet end today. A place where I belong still only written in a song. Though it might be bumpy and long, a road is a road. At the end of it, who knows what’s waiting. But it must be the best, if I believe so.


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