Lion in the Jungle

When I came down to the jungle, I saw a lion.

I didn’t notice he was there, but he said hello, and I said hi back.

I asked him what of his jungle? He said he does not own it.

Who does? I asked, he said nobody does. It belongs to the Jungle itself.

I think he does not know, that the others are relying on him, and always thought the jungle belongs to him.

For he believes that the Jungle will one day take down the city, and the citizen will rule over our nation. He has a vision and we all now running towards such dream.

So I asked him what can I help? He said help me make today better than yesterday. That’s not that hard, I thought. So I do what he told me to do.

Then I know the jungle so well, I found that nothing can show what I can’t tell. The Jungle is quiet; it does not get interrupted by city lights and Industrial smoke. But it is vicious in its own way, it compels everyone to survive with less food and water, it makes you move your muscle more and more, it does not let you sleep too well at night.

So I asked the Lion, is this the Jungle you’re trying to build? It’s not as grand as I thought. But the Lion is no longer there, while other animals are now dancing in grace. Where is the Lion? I asked. He’s in the city, building his own Jungle.

Then in that merry and jolly ceremony, I felt everything turn meaningless. In a blink of an eye, The Jungle grew so vast and quiet. I was the only one there, surrounded by chirping and wailing and groaning, but none of them matters.

It’s so full, yet too empty. The story of the Jungle’s menagerie.


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