The bitch and the bard

What of the wolf that came after dawn? Doesn’t he know nothing wait for him no more? The kingdom of uncertainty come to say hello, they believe every blackness in grim features are given raw.

But hey, little bitch! If I can slap your whiny face I’ll do it with pleasure. All the smirk and schmuggy face who act so sure, can no longer be so pure.

Then the bard will come to help you stand. He’ll say to you that everything’s according to plan. Nobody think of the wolf, of course, he’s just a nuisance who stuck in between the show. And so when nothing else is there to throw, the wolf will be stripped down to wordless, leaving him nothing but burning candles.

So sing Bard, sing! For everything seem goes according to your plan. You’re now so blind you can’t see the world you left behind, that maybe the plan should be made together with your fans.

So sing Bard, sing! For no voice you’d hear but the bitch and your own. Thought you’re so kind making all your world aligned. By stealing everything from talent to time.

So sing Bard, sing! At the end of the day, you’ll lose something worth more than all the world’s inspiration. The loyalty of the great mind, and the love from your kind.


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