Sunset and Sinne

She silently stared to the blank corner, with such enthusiastic face, as if she was listening to something she waited for quite some times. If you see it with a different eye, you really can follow her zeal. For it was the boy who came before time, giving her the answers for all things unanswered.

Sinneki asked many things. He asked why cherries are born red, why men must blink, and how come all the world’s forgotten things can fit in that tiny pouch of his. But her final question is neither scientific nor miraculous; it is a simple question that was meant to end their session.

How was the sun?

The boy, who’s now a man, twitches. That question was unfathomable at first, but he knew that she does not expect any kind of answer. All she wanted was to know a little more of his loss.

There was silence for quite some times, yet like hypnotized, the sleepless girl stayed still without moving even her neck. Sunset looked at her with no less than grief, a good kind of grief. Like when you’re remembering how much fun you had with a childhood toy, but it’s now too boring for you.

Well, I remember her once every morning, though I never actually recalled her face.

Sinne did not give any response, she knows that it’s not the answer he’s trying to say.

And he hummed a little song, something he used to sing every time the sun came to his house.

I can remember the good old days, when you and me we’re used to hide away~

When the stars are shining and the sky was blinding our eyes~

You filled up my glass, with promises that could never last~

The moment in life that comes and goes, a riddle a rhyme, that no one knows~

You know what I learnt, little sinne?

That sudden question flinched little Sinne. For a moment, she thought she swam inside a melody, and glaring to the moment that never came, but always soon to be.

M… M..Maybe, maybe not… I thought you ought to learn how to grow up, and to hope rather than to mope. But I don’t know, I, maybe…

In a way, you’re right. I did learn about hope. I learnt that it can be so hurtful.

Though it hurt, do you want her back?

The Sun?

Or any part of her.

No, I was the one who left, I never want her back.

But still, the Lady said that your hut is always bathed in the afterglow.

Well… I guess I do not want her back; I just want to forget the moment she left.

By living in the very moment?

By replacing the exact moment, with things that I love and never going to leave.


The girl hugged the oldest being on earth. He smirked, and offered her for a drink. He knows she’s too young for a drink. But nobody’s too young for a banana mojito. Yet she said no. The light then came to her room, saying another hello, another school day. She stared silently to the empty corner, while her mother said things that matter less to her.


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