The lost man

The beauty of a play in Indonesian Language; It is considered to be “More cultural” and “Widely accepted”.

For that noble causes, again, material become wasted and got into the Sunset Locker. Also due to the fact that I am “considered” to be incapable of writing in my own mother tongue (Please bear with the absurdity of the idea), I am left with some unused English materials that will soon lost its uses.

But well, its a story about forgotten bunch, I guess its natural to have the original story left out and unused.

Here’s a bit of the end.

Dear sun, I can no longer be here


For I do not want to hate you.

Why would you hate me?

Because I love you even more in your temporary presence, but I also grew hatred in my heart for your absence. After this, I will go beyond time, I will chase the horizon. You said that only there, forever lies.

How can you fail to see the point, dear boy. The horizon is unreachable. It will always be a place too far to chase. Forever is impossible.

So this is what you meant by being human? To lost, to be scared, and to worry.

But to also truly live! To strive for satisfaction and to wonder!…. The creator made you to be human, dear boy… yet you strayed. You are no longer human. You are lost. You are truly a strange being now.

A stranger I was to you. A stranger I am now. Nothing changes.

You have denied what makes human a human. You have denied lord time. From now, he shall be your enemy.

I am do not want to make enemies. I simply cannot let myself hate you.

Still, he will come for you with all his strength, and you will be alone.

I have always been alone.

You could have had me during the day.

I can never have you, I have no one. Nobody has ever been here. I am the first, and the only being the creator has made.

But I am here, little boy.

YOU ARE NOT REAL! I created you to be my friend. Now I know you are thing like other; you are incapable of becoming anybody’s friend. You are a thing of wonder.

[smiles] Now this is the time that I can finally thank you. You gave up on me little boy, you gave up your one imaginary friend.

I did not gave up on you!

You did. And it’s a good thing. Because once innocence is lost, it can never be regained.

I just… can no longer imagine you speaking to me, not after this.

[Hold his hand] I know. Let me tell you one more lesson, Sunset. There will others who need your help. Those who lost their childhood and not ready for it. You will guide them, and they will guide others, as protectors of every childhood. You will raise an army against Lord time, and you will become a dangerous enemy of men.

And the sun stopped speaking from that day on. And Sunset Deity became the first of Midnight Stranger, the first thing in this world who lost a childhood. And he was meant to guide others, just like us.

Hope you guys would enjoy the January show! Guess what language its in! Hint: its NOT in english


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