A hand in the sky

Then he said to the sun, Will this ever be forever?

You are made to be human. Forever is a disgrace, She said.

Will you at least be there when it all ends? To name things that I would feel and I would see?

But then it will be things only you can see, you can feel, and those things will forever be nameless.

Just like me? Without a name? He recalled his unmarked face.

Just like you. Unnamed. Matters that are forever unbound.

So you won’t be there?

Someone will. And she will be the best for you.

I thought you are. I know you will always be.

The sun stared at him silently. She looked deep into the boy’s eyes and she saw an ocean. It doesn’t flow nor fluctuate. It stood still.

In time, you will learn that what you know is not a law. Its a decision.

Then the boy hold the sun’s hand. She point out the horizon and said only in the farthest of place, the sky would ever meet the sea.


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