A Baptized Porcelain

The shining god might have met her. But he is no longer in recruiting business. Not since Crystal.

The oldest of fellow met her as merchant once, other times as a travelling drink smith. He offered her most peculiars of drinks and items. He brought in his shop rainbow maker, bow maker, rain maker and of course, his best and most cherished drink, the Banana Mojito.

He did indeed, offered her to know more about his “World”, but he never actually recruited her. It is a time of war, and a sword must be obtained by an able hand. While sunset’s hand, though stronger than other. Is not the hand of war.

So, what came before her in her baptism is the darkest man with wrath as hairs. Captain Riot is him. The wielder of bullets and children’s freedom.


You are a warrior, are you not?
I am
Yet you have no war. Nothing to fight for.
I have my family
You had, your family. They are dead now. And you have lost. Your nation is one. No more war.
My spear.
It still hunger for blood, the beauty of your vengeance.
No blood. protect. Not avenge.
What are you trying to protect?
Answer me soldier, what are you trying to protect?

Then he can see her voice is not screamed only by her own, but by all who she tried to protect. It echoes through the earth and sky; Her fury, and all who died before her.

Yes, You are an army. And what you have and will always protect, is your own family.
They are no more!
There are others! Who still have their family… And they will lost it if our enemies manage to grasp their wit.
Tell me of them
The children.
The children?
Their childhood. Only inside them the families live forever.
Are you giving me a duty?
One you have been waiting for a long time. One that could change the tide of history.
I see. I am to protect the children from losing their childhood.
For when they do, they will lost their families. As you lost yours.
Tell me of the enemy.
Not so hasty. Let me first tell you of the weapon you will be granted upon.

Captain Riot then thrusts his giant paw towards Amy’s neck.

What are you doing?!!!
I am breaking you. So you shall be reborn.
As what? As a monster?!
As Midnight Stranger. (Smirk) Tell me, What did your brothers called you when you were little? The… porcelain Amy?
Yes. Because they broke my arm after just one swing. Because I am fragile little girl.
Well you might still be fragile. But you are no longer A girl. You are now, the Porcelain Army

Then Captain Riot broke Amy’s neck. And her whole body shattered into pieces and fell to the ground. But minutes after that, something rose from the ground. First one, then a thousand, then the whole land is filled with the white armies. Each of them are duplicates of Amy herself, bearing her spear, her look and her fiery eyes. She is one, yet they are many.

You are now a Stranger. You will be our spear, our most destructive force. For the great battle will begin. And with you, we will banish our enemies once and for all.


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