The beginning of Sunset

At first, there was a boy. The mighty creator made not of the sun or the earth, not even the ever flowing lord of time, but a boy. A nameless boy. He was a boy without wants or need, as the concept of desire has not yet been created. He’s just there, filling his own presence, not caring of the state that he is now. A state that will soon make him lost his own self, changing him into a man. A state called life.

Then the mighty creator put upon an existence, a hunk of rock where the boy can settle. It is called earth, and it is a dark and chilly place. And so, as the world knew of earth, the world also knew the concept of darkness, and weather, and what comes next will alter that concept to its opposite.

It was the sun, which rose, replacing what was cold to warm, what was dark, to light. And what was a boy without thought, an admiration.

What are you?

I am a sun. I am the one who gives you your sight.


You are now seeing, dear boy. One thing you have never been before. You can see yourself, you can, where you are now, and you can see what will and ever come.

I like this, this… see. And I like you. You are the first thing that I ever like.

That very moment, the boy knew a little thing that cannot be described, even until today. That moment he felt great affection, for something that is not him or his creator. That moment, he fell in love.

So from that day, he and the sun became the greatest companion for each other. They witnessed the birth of many things, and as nobody was there beside them, they felt obligated to give them names. They named the space above the earth as sky, for to go there means to fly. He named the rocks that turned into tiny white crystals as sand, for it can only become like that because of the mighty heat of sun. And as for the boy’s favorite thing, the vast water that suddenly engulfs his standing ground, they named it the sea, for it was the greatest thing happened to him after he sees

It was great days under the sun, when they talked about things never existed, when they explored a yet unfinished world, and saw it changing right before their eyes. Until one day, something came out in the northern sky.

It was white and gleaming, though it only sparks weakly compared to the sun’s radiant might. It did not talk, or rather, nothing but the sun talked according to the boy’s mind. It just stood there, waiting for something big, something beautiful that’s about to come. An occurrence that will change everything in the boy’s little world, as well as many others to come.

Something was happening to the sun. Its yellow brightness turned lighter, and it was going from pale orange to peach red, it was now falling slowly far to beyond the sea. The boy was so scared seeing his pal lost its figure, but he was petrified by this new sight, by this new thing called horizon, one that makes his heart frozen. And with the birth of horizon, he saw the sun in its utmost beauty, one that he never saw before. It gleamed so joyfully, it scratched the sky with beautiful light rays and played the wavy sea with flashes of its face, painting a picture that told different sides of it, one the boy never saw before.

That day, the sun was the fairest of fair beyond compare.

But there is a catch,

For a new beauty was born, his everlasting hours with the sun has also been gone. The beauty that he saw, The colors and the breeze of wind, the mesmerizing line in the sky that form flirting shadows and reflections, is the way the sun tries to say goodbye.

And that marks the day of the world’s first Dusk

What is this? Why does your figure slowly waning?

Because the white coin needs its moment, we can no longer have all day, now, I have to share my day with its night.

But, what about my day?

You don’t need to have the day; it’s too little thing to have for a boy. You have all your life, why do you insist to have just days?

Because you’re there in days!

And you are everywhere in every time! Have fun boy!

As the sun slowly gone, the boy screamed its name, but it was no longer there, replaced by the white coin that’s getting brighter and brighter as the sun gone. He hates that coin. For some reason, he knew that it does not glow for itself, but stealing what was left by his dear sun. He did not talk to it, as it did not show any interest to him. What came next was a long and harrowing night. He learned again things he thought would forever forget; chilling wind, dark corners, and terrifying voices came without sight. With the coin’s weak sovereignty, unpleasant creatures has awoken in earth, they hide and lurks behind the now murky forests, mountains and rocky plains. The boy could see some of them flying in the sky and preyed on others, even the sea trembled with many fins and sometimes even terrible looking teeth surfacing and eating other animals. He began to hate the night as well.

The boy name the white coin as the moon, for it brings nothing but gloom. He waited in agony, until the time came for the sun to rise again, one he called morning, when he can finally stop his mourning.

Hello, little boy, did you enjoy seeing the white coin?

I decided to call it the moon. And you do not have a say to that because you were not there! it is the first time since sight that you are not there for me. And I hate it

But you’ve never knew how much you love me when I’m here.

I do!

Well, how much is it?

As much as you are.

And how about now? How much is it your love for me, now I have been momentarily gone?

The boy stared at the sun. He thought it will be as much as it is now, but he cannot lie to himself. After he endured the moonlight, the darkness and the stars, he saw something by the Dawn; he saw the great sun even greater than itself. He felt that with this new act called goodbye, his love towards it grew exponentially, making him could not answer its question.

I don’t know. It’s like… you are more than you, now.

I am me, still and always be just me. But for you, you learn that our moments have limits. And that limit is what makes everything limitless.

Its words are replied by silence. The boy just stood and stared, didn’t move even for a single inch, until he saw its most beautiful state once more.

So you’re going again?

I’m never really gone, you know. If you really want to stay with me, you can just fly with me and leave the earth.

Yet somehow I don’t want to.

I know.

But I still hate it when you’re gone.

Like I said, I never really left. It’s more like… setting sail, a sailor that left only to be finally home again.

So the sun has set?

Yep! the sun has never been gone, the sun just set.

Sunset… I like that name.

Well, from now on, it will be yours!

I don’t need a name

You cannot always be the nameless boy… He’s making things, you know, things you’ll surely be excited about.

I don’t need other things.

But you will learn to appreciate them.

The sun lost its figure once more. Replaced by the moon, floating in its loneliest beauty. And in the second sunset, the boy loves the sun even more in its temporary presence, but grew hatred in his heart for its absence.

By the morning, the sun can no longer see the boy. He saw a man instead. Saying to the sun that now he is lost. He can no longer be here as he never wanted to hate the sun. And if he ever sees it even once every day, there is always a part of his heart that hates him for leaving. He said that the eventide will be my home. So I can remember your moment of beauty, and that is all. I will not speak, as you will no longer speak.

Is it okay for you, to be this lonely?

I have always been alone. I created you to be my friend. Now I know you are a thing like other; you are incapable of becoming anybody’s friend. You are a thing of wonder.

You did not answer my question, is it okay for you to be this lonely?

It’s not like I have an option. I can no longer imagine you speaking to me, not after this.

The sun smiled. He said that there will be a time when people will need your help. You have lost your childhood because of life itself. You’re struck by the bitterness of ephemerals, and it hit you when you’re not ready for it. These people will also lost their childhood, and as they do, you will guide them, and they will guide others, and as time goes, the world might as well change because of what you and your pupils change.

And the sun stopped speaking from that day on. And the stranger named Sunset stopped dreaming from that day on.



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