The city who kills

At the end, I imagine they say to the now lifeless writer. But we are not the cause of the city’s madness, we are a product of humanity’s vanity and arrogance, we are the cause of what was important yet forgotten, we are the remaining of broken hopes and retired dreams.

“The noon is dreary. The air is getting Bizarre”. If we are to be inside his head, these two will be his first sentences. For Sinneki, it was a moment of revelation. When usual occurrences, normal things you’ve seen daily, seemingly became odd because of facts behind the city’s mundane existence are slowly revealed.

Maybe you should pick a side. Nobody is in everybody’s side

The truth, Jain! The exact truth will come as soon as I published all of the articles. That is my side!

The only exact thing is your choice. I beg you, Sin, you have to choose whether you want to be trapped inside these children stories, or start helping the whole city

Helping? I am already helping! If these kids are telling me the answer behind all of the city’s madness, then I am with them

People of this city died in vain because of your stories!

People have been dying for nothing since a long time ago in our city! Maybe after this, they will stop dying. They kill because they are afraid. They are afraid that the truth will expose them to the world.

Well, then… I am no longer with you anymore.

Jain left, he chose his city. He always said that there are still normal people out there. No, maybe these people act accordingly, with sensible reasoning and consciousness. But normal? If you really think that streets that took life of hundreds of people each day are the streets of a normal city, then maybe you are as crazy as this place.

What the children said, about the cause of the city’s madness, was appalling. There’s something lurking behind all of these; beings that won’t be seen by us.  They remain hidden from us, because we walk down the city every day and got drunk in our own polluting dreams. Our eyes are already too filthy for them. Without the adults even knowing, they whisper. Behind the city’s usual death, behind the new and unusual deaths, in dark corners of empty streets and darker alleys, the children play along with them as they whisper to them. They roam there by the dusk, disappearing along with the people who walk amongst us, between those we know, and those others known, they slip, and they ask our children to play under the moon. Though at the end, they are forever forgotten as the kids start to feel anger, to know passion, and uncertainty of the world. They are gone from our memories, along with our childhood fantasies.

Yet this does not change anything, as Sinneki wrote his 5th article. I will find you, midnight beings. God knows what you have done with the missing children, how you choose your adult victims afterward, but this has gone too far. In front of her, lied a brown cardboard, with reeking stench that attracted dozens of flies. You think that this will stop me from writing about you? It only makes me even more assured of your existence. After this, there is nothing you can do to bury your faction and its malicious doings.

These… Faction you wrote about, they also deplore the killers and kidnappers.

With that sudden voice out of silence, Sinekki jumped out of shock. She was staggered, unable to say a word.

What’s inside the box?

The boy who suddenly jumped out from Sinekki’s chair tried to pull down the wet cardboard from the table, and her first action after the shock was to forcefully take the box from his hand.

N-no! This is nothing… You… you… are that boy, right? One with all the village children?

I am the one who told you about one of them, about the Crystal Lady.

Yes… Exactly… But what are you doing here? How did you get in? Have you been here all this time???

I promise I’ll keep it a secret big sis! I won’t tell anyone, I told you that this story will be only for you, such as this one! Don’t worry!

Tell? Tell what? There’s nothing here to tell!

Hmmm… Lying is bad! You shouldn’t do that!

Nobody’s lying!

The cold-eyed boy stayed quiet for a while. Meanwhile, those eyes are too painful to stare for too long. Thankfully, he soon took his breath, and put a good little smile in his face.

Well then, I’m only here to give the message!


Yup! I delivered it to you before; just like you, they also condemn the killers’ actions.

They condemn it? They are the one who did it!!

Hahahaha… you got everything wrong big sis! Well… You will understand, eventually…

All she wanted was to tear open the boy’s mind, probing what’s inside and drinking all the information she wished to know. What does this boy meant by condemning it? If they don’t kill them, why would these people found dead? So much question, too much, she had to pick one, she had to do it quickly.

I exposed them! I told the world about their presence among us! They should kill me first; a bad choice of question.

Of course they won’t! They actually like you, and your stories… The stories do not bother them. They said that it actually suits their nature; being told in stories. They have been living inside the society’s wonder and curiosity from the start. It’s what makes them present in the world, without ever truly exist. The boy let out a little giggle with a confident tone, like when an elementary student managed to finish a complicated test.

Sinneki, once again, left frozen in confusion.

Ah, I guess I told you what I have to tell, even a little more! Aaand… one more thing, they say that they will act. Yup, I think that’s what they say at the end of the meeting. Oh! And they will need your help, in you last article, you are to write everything including the truth. Okay then~ it’s time for me to go!

He went out from the front door. Leaving Sinneki, a wet cardboard, a writing desk, and the sad scent of broken truth.

She did not do anything for a time. Until she decided to snapped off her pencil. She sharpened another one, wrote and scratched uncontrollable sentences, and snapped it off once more. What is this? Have I been wrong? Or have you been wrong? Please tell me that at least one of us figure it right! She screamed to the reeking cardboard. Nothing is right! Nothing!? There really is nothing about them?! Who are they? What are they Jain?!! She hasn’t dropped even a single tear since she got the box. She almost lost consciousness, threw up a few times, but not tears, not until now. No, No, NO! NOOO!! YOU ARE WRONG! YOU ARE STILL… Wrong…. These children, they are right, the city, we cannot believe this gigantic death machine. It’s just, there is something I have not figured out, And I have to understand it, I have to see the whole picture. Once again, She looked at Jain’s head inside the cardboard. She wiped her tears, and buried her best friend.

I have to finish this Jain, or you would have died in vain.

Mr. Swooth, The Crystal Lady, Porcelain Army, Sunset Deity. They finished their killings. I supposed to be able to predict all of these. They act according to what I wrote, and once they chose not to, they took you. After this, let’s see what each of you would do. Captain Riot, Gyma & Gale, Mary Marionette, and Fangy Jack. Are you really are not humans?

Then Sinneki shoveled down one last pile of dirt above a nameless grave. She sharpened her pencil once more, and wrote down her next title.

The Tenacious, Captain riot.

And the noon felt even more dreary.


Well, guess what, maybe these words and sentences are too, what’s left of my unmade imagination.


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