Tiring days

I decided to wear a T – Shirt to office.
Its hot and humid, and I can feel the sun striking through everyone’s face.
It is an everyday journey for some of us, maybe not you, maybe you can’t feel the anger of this part of world.
Funny, right? How we passed your home, your workplace and even yourself everyday, yet we somehow drink different water, breathe different air, walk different road.

So when I say I want to go to places further than this land, I meant that I want to go as far away as possible. I can imagine myself living in middle earth, not the dark and gloomy part, of course, but the one with green fields, endless adventures and vast, unconquered land. Sure, there will be danger, but at least the danger meant something for its world, for each other and for ourselves. There will be food, lots of them. You won’t need to work out as being fat is just a sign that you’re happy. There will be plenty of richness, and your needs and wants can be fulfilled with a little hard day’s work. You will not need to pray that tomorrow won’t come with new yet uninspiring tasks from your supervisor, and there won’t be shinier cars to buy, bigger house to build, greater business to strive, just better food to cook and better way of spending your day.

Some will say that come on, let’s go there! But you will always know that the place never exist. Not as long as we live in this world. Not as long as you have other’s need in your shoulder, not as long as your friends and colleagues say “let’s do this better!”, “let’s make this greater!”, and lots and lots of other “let’ses”. Why do we have to do more? Why can’t we live just as is, and continue to do so? Because it will get boring, of course. And even I can’t escape that. That in life, we will become dusts within years, unless we put a mark greater than a grave mark.

What can we do? We are trapped, we are too tired to strive yet cannot comprehend with mundane days.

So all I can do is imagine. A warm day under a shining sun. Reading a book, never get tired of doing so. Cooking a meal, never stop mixing a better recipe. Serving our friends, never stop listening to their stories.

And when the ending of the second Hobbit movie told that “I see fire”, I say to myself every day, “I see shire”


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