That little life I live

Hi guys, its me, the blogging way of talking Sutan. I guess I did wrote in this tone for a few writings, not that its monumental or anything, I just sometimes need to tell you guys in a more straightforward manner.

So, Assuming that I have readers, This will be an update about the kind of turn my life has gone to. As you know (hopefully), I have written a lot of stuff, created more than 3 realms out of empty space, and now I am working on my latest, called The Midnight Strangers.

Reminiscing back, The first world I created consciously is this semi-real place called the Ripple. I named this world exactly that, because this world is owned by everyone who has residual memories – Those that seems to live inside you forever, unwilling to let you get on with presence nor future. The world Ripple is where you are when you dreamed about the past, when you do anything that’s been influenced by your old self, or any sort of way that makes you do something not for the sake of presence, but to relive past experiences.  Yes, some of you who watched or even play the theatre Memory over moment, might already experience it before. And don’t worry, You just knew the name of that world because I just made it up.

After that, I made the Sesoria. This is the world where people are move and do and talk and live based on what the day’s season. It is entirely similar with our world, with the exception of the season gods that live among the human. The god, all powerful in their origin, no longer use their might to control humanity. They live as us, eternally, with different damnation of their own. The script is called four seasons parable, and it is quite a long parable, with unclear principle instructions. Yet it is a parable of its own, with meanings only the script as a whole can convey.

Then come the world of Taraksa. Set in the early days of mankind, the place is savage, primal, and most notably; speak with the tongue of their own. Their gods roam the land with vicious claws, taking the form of wolves and bears and mighty treants. In the water, the fresh water whales swim without care, along with fishes and shells that give the beach dwellers wealth beyond measure. For them, Gods are everywhere. Everything with might is considered as god. Some they worship, some they hunt, some they protect. But the grandest of all god, one that they do not defy and forever praise, are the gods of the sky. The story, as you know, depict the hardships and tasks of Taraksa, The wolf that defy the sky, in order to save one person so important, she is chosen as a title of the whole story; The night Empress

After that, you can find yourself trapped in the world of Dalmin. Though my friend Onit said the name “Dalmin” actually gave bad connotation for those who knew, I actually like the name and keep it. Dalmin is the name of the main character, while story revolves around him is titled Imp’s bridge. Why Imp? Its because in this world, they are real! At least for those who is (un)fortunate enough. Not many people can see them, but the world acknowledge their existence as more than just imaginary being. Despite their allusiveness, the scientists of Marlhe (The name I decide to give this world just now) has proven that Imps are actually real. They are magical, as what they can do is almost limitless, and they are incredibly powerful. Despite that, Imps are not considered to be threatening to the world, except if the world threaten them. The incident happened back in 80s, when some government are trying to uncover the full potential of an Imp yet failed and make the Imp destroyed half of the earth and threat to destroy the other half. This incident make sure that until human have enough data to overcome the Imps’ power without enough data to begin the study, Imps are forever an unexplained phenomenon. Oh, and yes, the world is restored back to normal when the humans apologized to the Imp. Totally metaphysical stuff.

And now, What I have been working on, is something more serious, business wise. The world of strangers is actually our own. They are a bunch of childhood friends, having live for longer than you know. I will not tell you much about them in this post, but hopefully you will find yourself getting to know them better in the future. I made my first script for the Strangers project, but it was flunked by the team. Yep, I’m a team player now, no longer writing as I want, I actually have to care about what others think. I guess generally this is a good thing. I mean, what’s a few flunked scripts compared to what I get after overcoming such turmoils? Maybe I’ll get to find that humility after all, that I can finally appreciate the thought of others compared to mine. Or maybe not. Who knows? All I want to say is, I am very excited about the new story, about the new way of building the story. It also makes me realize that maybe, this way of making world with stories, and now letting people in into the world I thought of, even sharing the stories and making it into something watchable, is not because of something big or philosophical and especially not with cultural or any other noble causes. It is just is the way I try to make the little life I live, a little bit bigger.


Oh yea, because the last script was flunked, I will post some of the considered “Unneeded” part in here. In the midnight strangers, there is a guy, the oldest of the strangers, that is a god of forgotten things, stuff that people no longer care, He is called the Sunset Deity. Though I actually put some of the good stuff in this blog, These blog is actually my Sunset Deity. So yea, when we finally able to string the “needed” part together into a stage performance next year, hopefully all the writings that I will be posting will make sense.

Thank you all readers, I actually love you guys for wanting to read my stuff.


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