The stranger questions (1)

What’s behind that colorful facade of a vending machine? What’s beneath a clown’s make up? What is the sun’s alarm clock? Why are we so alone? What makes a word a word? What kills faster than Isolation, depart, and distance? Who created lemon tea? What lives under your bed? Was that handshake real? Why do you need a door? What is sour or sweet or bitter? How did a carnival disappeared in one night? Are those people you only saw once in your life real? What is woken up? Why can’t you shoot a star with a catapult? What is us? Will we ever truly be free? How long will it takes for you to bleed to death if I stab your earlobe? Have the universe knew beginning as will it end? Do angels go to vocal school? What makes a dog bark in the night? Would you like to fell up? What is letting go? What if you saw but won’t believe? What makes everyone so sure that human flesh is inedible? What of those hidden and never found? Where do the forgotten goes?


Who are they really?


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