Book’s bridge

Dalmin was about to get ready for work when she sat there, holding a piece of worn out paper that can’t seems to ripped even to the roughest treatment it got. It is a certificate that is not in any human tounge, yet still he read it.

The kid jumped out as he finished reading it, despite the fact that even she does not understand a bit what he is saying.

You read it! You did!

Well kiddo, I really don’t think that it will make any difference since none of us actually understands what it says.

It does not matter! The silly Imp said that the tall man who can read it will show me how I can get to meet my mom.

Her sparkly eyes changed from grayish blue to full blue. As if the world turned from bitter apple to sweet orange for her.

Dalmin cite the word ‘damn imps!’, but only in his head. It will be quite an improper gesture to say curses in front of a child.

Well… I guess I do have something to take you anywhere. So, Where is she?

She’s there. She pointed at the book Dalmin’s holding.

A book?

Yup! I went to her funeral last week, and all of my friends said that she stayed underground. But Gammy said otherwise, she said that the real mother Dana never left, she stays here, inside my favourite book!

Dalmin looked at her sadly. He wishes that he is a sweetheart that could cry each time he heard a sad story. But everybody dies. Every mother, every father, and every brother. They all go away someday.

Anyway.. A book, He thinks. This might be interesting.

What’s the book about?

Its about a girl who went to the playland. She is very happy there. She bought herself an apple candy and ride the merry go round for ten times!! Can you imagine? 10 times!

He read the book, quite swiftly. A normal children book, nothing special. That makes him wonder how would his bridge respond towards her innocence.

I couldn’t find her there though, I read through every page again and again and again and she is not there. So I ask the Imp if I can find her myself, inside the book.

Dalmin smiles. He has not been such a good believer before, but after what he saw these previous days, he would believe if someone told him that he have a pink unicorn for a pet and a living stereotape ate his child.

So he put out his bridge, and what comes out of his pocket is but a single thread, glowing notoriously through his eyes and the girl’s. She then shouted ‘here i come mother!’, and jump to the thread as she instantly shrunk to the size of a right thumb, sliding down to the book and dissapear.

Its like opening pages after pages

The Blonde in a trenchcoat said that to Dalmin. He didn’t give her much attention, not until she lit her cigarette and smile to him saying ‘Thanks for letting me get inside the book’

But… Its been like… only a year… You’re what now?… sixteen? Twenty one?

Time works differently in different place. It might be midnight now in middle east, because our world knows a little something called time difference. While the world that book made, the world of childhood, counted months as years. Ironic isn’t it? How the children realm won’t let their citizen being a child for very long.

Because kids grew up too fast. They learn to fast, they think too fast, a simple book will be forgotten in matter of minutes.

Not for me. That book is what is left of my mother. I love that book for as long as I remembered.

How did you get out?

I finished the last chapter.

Did you find her?

Not in the last page.

So you wasted your youth for nothing? That is so sad…

Wasted? I never said that I didn’t find my mother.

So you DID find her?

Somewhere in the third to fourth page.

So why didn’t you get out earlier.

She sipped his ginger tea, and light another cigarette. Her trenchcoat is now all dried off because of the over blowing air conditioner.

She was wrong, that little girl you found was wrong.

I didn’t find you, you came to me.

You did, you just didn’t know.

So what is she so wrong about?

What her grandmother sent her to do. She didn’t tell that girl to find her mother, she told her to let go, and grab on to whatever left of her. She told her to cherish her absence, as much as the memory of her presence.

So she went on journeying through the book after the third page?

She did it with her mother. She fought water dragons & living carousels, she rode jetting rainbows and caught butterbees. She learn to appreciate her presence even more. She didn’t only need her mother, she actually learn to love her.

And then?

And for the few last pages, only her voice came as guidance, she learn the pain of losing her, she lost her innocence, and she finally knows how hurtful parting pain is.

Wow… Gammy surely had some teeth.

Well, everybody does.. Even you. You know that even if I found her inside the book, I cannot always stay.

There is no such thing as always.

I think that’s what my Grandmother tried to say to me. Life will eventually try to get the best of everyone, all we can do is trying to be strong.

She took another sip of his tea, and said that she learned another thing that night. She hates ginger. Then she walked away, without saying much, just like everybody who get to used the Imp’s bridge.

You know, now that I think of, the hardest part of the journey is not the journey itself, but the confusion of the aftermath, asking which reality is actually happening.

Ah come on… Don’t you get it? Reality is overrated dear, just keep doing what you think you can do, and by the end, try to die as well as possible.

He then finished his ginger tea, and started to hate gingers as well.


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