Imp’s Bridge

There are stories, there are proses and there are legends.
And this is none of them.

This is just a mere everyday occurence about a man named Dalmin, that has found himself a bridge like no other bridge.

He is not a tall man, and far from thin. He is quite athletic for his age, yet his nose is often filled with sickness, as his father, as his father’s father. He knows that this allergy he has is uncommon, yet I am quite sure that he also knows that the dwindling amount of goo in his nostril is not the only reason for what is happening to him right now.
‘What do you mean I should pick up this bridge?’
‘I mean put it in your hand, squeeze the end of its handle bar, and pull it.. Not to hard, or you will break it’
‘Are you crazy? Its a 200 metre bridge! Its is impossible!’
Then Dalmin instantly found the absurdity of his own statement, as what is possible and not possible is getting blurred and blurred as the time goes. He is now talking to a flying purple Imp after all.
‘Humans and their microscopic imagination! It is now big because I made it so. It has to be big because I need to get to your place, and your place is far from my house’
‘How far exactly?’
‘Really far, I assure you… Even farther than of the orange Impses’
‘So… All I have to do is squeeze?’
‘And put it in your pocket, of course!’

So he did it. Dalmin, a 32 years old attorney with incredibly low resistance to flu, now has a bridge in his pocket, a bridge that as far as he know, never existed before the also suppose-to-be-inexist creature knocked on his door in the middle of the night.
The Imp said that the bridge will actually take him anywhere. When Dalmin – In awe and confusion – point out the cliche amazement reaction ‘ANYWHERE?’ the Imp answer his high pitched question by ‘Anywhere’. But when Dalmin said that ‘so I can go to…’, the Imp cut his question by ‘no,no,no… not THAT anywhere, of course you cannot go to Rome or Paris or Sydney, Dream a little!’. He was going to say Johannesburg, but he kind of get what the Imp means. The bridge can take you anywhere offworld, any place that sadly, too far to be known by humans.

Where do you want to go?


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