A world with no stranger

Where do your unused items go?

To the garbage? Yes, if it is already worn out, broken, or unuseable.

But have you ever used, a piece of clothing for example, until it is really worn out?

We are now living in a society of buyers, with bookstores more crowded than the libraries, with hundreds clothing brands inside dozens of malls, with families of 4 having more than 3 Rooms Houses.

But have you ever consider a society where people can actually maximalize the potentials of the wasted? Where people can use the unutilized spaces, renew their clothings by swapping them with friends, where books can be read over and over again, where anyone can teach anybody about anything they like!

A society without stranger; The world of sharing.

We dreamed such society, and now we are striving to create one through an online portal called sharee.co.id

The website offers  4 Pilot categories; Fashion (For any clothing attires), Books (For different kinds of printed media), Skills (For  shareable unique skills), and Space (For unused spaces inside your personal and public buildings). We also offers utter simplicity, by providing you team of people that will assist every part of your sharing activitiy. For example, books and fashion items will be picked up from your home, cleaned and refurbished, Photographed and uploaded, and finally delivered to the buyers. Your ready-to-list spaces will also be photographed, and our team will surely help you in setting up the curriculum for your skill sharing classes.

With the support from our local communities and friends, even restaurant & cafes around Bandung, we are very optimistic that this project can change the way people think. We believe that sharing can open a whole new window, and can give the world even bigger chance of growing.

Share Now, Become Infinite


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