Love or revolution, how simple is humankind.

But it is not at all, humankind lies on promises they hold dearly.

For a warm morning after they fought in each evening?

For much more than that.

Mademoiselle, we are truly a part of the world’s catharsis, shouldn’t we be more subjective rather than poetic.

Tis neither prose, nor essays that define who they are. It is the truth of their day to day melancholy. A race that seeks happiness above other.

Ataraxic, so they called, it is well written in my parchment.

Funny thing though, that we see them not with feelings but with data. Yet what we are fought for is life. And life, monsieur Fate, is not only a biological reaction that creates movement. But interactions, social structures, civilizations; all that is created by the tangled feelings barbed in the heart of a race.

Hmm… Rippling water that is more powerful than the first explosion, so they say life is…

My point is that.

Well… humans, check! They can be out of our eradication list for now, let us go to letter ‘I’, Ionokeu from space district 2441, a hyper intelligent being that…


Who knows, that the fate of each race isn’t gambled on, or risked in dice game for each second of our life?


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