The Shiva Project

Initially published for eVolo 2013 Skyscraper Competition

ini rada final bismilah puji tuhan

Once in every era, comes a man with idea so extreme, it shook the very ground beneath our feet. An idea, as obscure as it may sound, was born among the urgent need of survival from a cornered mind. We then see how the whole world is striving for future, including Jakarta, one of largest city in the world whose endlessly fighting insurmountable problem of overpopulation.

Like the story of a sinking civilization of Atlantis, the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the behemoth flood wiping the earth clean in the story of Noah; Jakarta may fade into a forgotten metropolis in the distant future. Tis haunted by the fact that in 20 to 30 years, the Sea of Java shall swallow the city, leaving all the lives in its soil die into legends, written in books and preserved in museums, excavated by generations to come.

To prevail, a bold movement is in order. Therefore a passage for a project, and a chance for Mother Nature to finally able to do what she does best: Mending her own children.

And by his divine name, Lord Shiva the destroyer of everything mortal, we entrust our impending doom. Let His endowment purge our very existence, give our children a chance to see a blossoming future, let him befall our burghal as a purifying flame. Cleanse this land O mighty butcher, as we heave our strength to raise a tower in thy name.


As with a name comes prayer. As with a name comes wonder


Primarily, the use of the skyscraper and the pipeline system is to catalyze positive mutation of plants. The secondary effect is to create a harmful effect to humans and animal, therefore forcing them to migrate outside of the radiation zone.

Aside this, there are also forecasted impacts that the nation could gain during the city’s blunt phase. Healthier environment is one aspect, but the nation could also gain positive image, therefore creating higher political leverage. Due to the world’s concern towards saving environment, the presence of an opulent jungle as a center of a country will bring about abundant amount of international support, media coverage, even praises and acclaims from various countries. It is by Shiva that Indonesia could be the country with the Greenest Capital on Earth.

The project might sound extreme, even radical. But history tells of humans as ravaging force towards the land and we owe her for it. We owe her more than just ‘Save the environment’ campaigns or several scientific researches. We may as well in line for the gallows and still, we owe her.

What we have left is but a chance to make amend, to reminisce the treachery being done towards our own mother, to gather our courage, to finally raise war with ourselves.

And by the end of the day, we can finally see the face of humanity as brave souls who pledge life itself, shattering the sky with soaring tower to change the course of our dreadful history.


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