The day legends born

Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse, Along with Picasso and Duchamp, he pretty much defines a revolution in plastic art movement.

Andreas Vesalius, One of the most influential physician with his famous book about anatomy: “De humani corporis Fabrica”

Ben Kingsley, Hugo, Schindler’s list, you name it.

Sir Alex Ferguson, he’s practically a knight because of his dedication as soccer coach. You know who he is.

Simon Wiesenthal, He documented lots of Jewish atrocities

Psy, I HATE HIM!… But he’s famous *sigh*

Nicholas Sparks, writer of ‘The notebook’; Now a major motion picture ha ha ha

Val kilmer, He’s Batman… Nuff said…

Muhammad bin Qasim, an Emir, a Syrian general, and one of the conqueror from Umayyad caliphate.

Anthony Hopkins, is Anthony Hopkins. Yes you do know him from a little thing called Hannibal.

Mariana Renata, cool girl isn’t she? If u’re Indonesian then you know who she is.








You know what all these awesome (and not so awesome) people have in common?

Today is their birthday!!!

ah!! I forgot to mention of the most awesomest girl…

Fiola Christina Rondonuwu, An incredibly talented violinist, a caring and thoughtful person, and one of the smartest being i ever met.

Happy Birthday dear!!!


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