The lecture

“In the end, there is not much on the table for humans in their mundane nature of life.

I saw them woke up in the morning, drinking their coffee or tea and goes to their so called ‘role in the society’. But did they live?


They go to work so that their surroundings could work.

And for most people, that’s all life is about. To go 5 days in the row, and could finally stole some time during weekend. A brief moment of happiness – short periods of actual living.”

He started, the guest lecturer. A peculiar guy with the most peculiar glasses I ever saw.

That is why I will not be teaching you anything you do not want to hear about. I will answer anything you want to ask – from the birth of the universe to which celebrity is going to get a divorce.

He smirked. I hate that smirk. It makes an impression that he actually meant it. That he can actually answer anything.

Are you joking? A blonde girl in the front row asked.

I joke every now and then. But your sentence indicated that you are asking whether I am now or recently made a joke. So no. I am not joking.

Everyone laughed. While I, felt something wrong with him.

You quoted Hickman, if I’m not mistaken?

Quoted would mean the exact phrase, young man. So technically he only inspires me. Nice observation though, I never expect that a philosophy student would read graphic novels.

He smirked again. This time I am sure that he actually meant it when he said ‘anything’.

So that is what you are, a comic book writer? And because of THAT you claim you know everything.

There is no such thing as what I am. Nowadays they call me John Good, but I don’t have a ‘me’. I simply exist.

You claim yourself to be a metaphor?

No no no… I am not a metaphor. Metaphor is ephemeral and vague. I actually exist. I am real.

Ok then, you say you could answer anything, so answer this; What. Are. You. ?

Ah! Interesting, finally a challenging question. Well… a perfectly sane human would interpret me as time.

The class went mad. The students were rapidly divided into two contradictive reactions. The first are those laughed so hard as if they saw a lunatic in front of them; they undermine him. The second are those who suddenly dwelled in silence, confronted by illogical explanations that cannot be denied; they believed him.

The third group is the extremes. They were either too frightened or did not want to hear more ridicule; they left him.

I am in the fourth group. Overwhelmed by his presence even from the moment he walked in; I am too afraid to even move.

One from the first group asked him with degrading tone, so wise man, you talked about the birth of the universe. Tell me about it.

The universe is just a state of mind. But the sky is not. Everything began with a love story.

Oh you got to be kidding me.

No I am not. It was the story of lord sun who admired the night sky without ever touching her. The lord could light up the day even created horizon. Yet he still was just a distant witness of her, meeting her only through the message of the moon…

…For him she is a cloud. She is there but sometimes not. how… how could you know that? The exact word…

… She also sees him but they are apart. They live around each other but when it rains, there is darkness. Therefore the divine path of enlightenment can only be found in the jaws of death. For to live is a sin, and every second they spent burns the very soul of the earth, and taint the innocence of land.

Of course you know how would this end, young man?

Lord sun left his duty. He left the day to meet the night sky. Then the fabric of the old world crumbled, creating the universe, as we know it. The student finished his story.

No more laughter. He stood up from his chair, and as he was about to leave the room he waned.

How could you know that?

You see guys, Mr. Good talked to the class, That was a poem written by Mr. August Wagner here. A piece of paper is the only thing in this world the poem ever documented on. This piece of paper has never even left the coward’s drawer.


Wagner turned his face and screamed, followed by Mr. Good’s sudden lunge towards his neck

Because what you do, what every puny human being ever accomplish or enact in their self proclaimed ‘daily life’ is written down in my memory. I am the beholder of everything terrene, I am the owner of the occurrence, and anything that ever transpire on this GOD F***ING dimension.

 You see kids, moments never comes exactly the same twice, time happens specifically. Unlike this space that you so arrogantly occupy, time does not know repetition. So when I say I would answer anything you want to ask, I. AM. NOT. LYING.

There is now only one reaction. Silence. No one moves, no one until I raised my hand.


Can you tell me what actually happened during the holocaust?

He answered my question perfectly. It was intriguing. My question was the first of the many as the students asked him various subjects from the end of the universe to which celebrity is going to get married. He answered all of them passionately.

Naturally, people are afraid of him. On the other hand, what us mortal do is to bear to live by his side. So what I did, what we all did was simply embrace our nature. To conciliate our curiosity; we asked. We reminisce the past even before the presence of the most bizarre being all of us ever saw.

And all I wanted to say was ‘I told you so’


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