Lonely puppeteer

A guy was tied in a chair. With duck tapes wrapped in his mouth. His costume; A dark, monochromatic cowl, is crumpled and torn. Yet his persona seemed to fill the room with such heavy and frightening atmosphere – A nuance that passed no effect to the clown hooded man in front of him.
The adversary, is a funny looking guy. He is a regular mime with a touch of colorful makeups; such a misfitted figure to stand in this dark, blood-scented room. Not only his red lips, but his whole white face is smiling as his thin figure seemingly devoured by his own lunacy. He laughed and laughed and screamed. One time he said he’s an angel, the next time he’s a rat. Everything is unsure, everything except the fact that he is winning, and nothing that the black costumed man could do but to listen


Oranges? see bearded guy?, or a young boy driving an impala with excessive speed limit, yet unable to be caught by any authorities. nevertheless, agony in each ramification of multi-colored hats.

Wait wait, before that, You know ‘the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’? That is an absurd in so many levels! Why? Why does the fox needs to be the diligent one? Why can’t dogs be an active creature? And why does it have to be a dog? Why don’t we put god instead? Ha HA ha HA! Funny isn’t it?

My my..? You want to say something


The clown then removed the duck tape around the dark man’s upper lip. He did in a light airy manner. He did very very slow


“You’re talking nonsense”


I’m not talking nonsense, I’m trying to be a nonsense.

While you and other humans.

You tend to reason with world, you plan, you arrange, you quantify, you make research and put lots of numbers and labels and categorization on so called materials and worldly problems.


They rationalize.

While I!.. on the other hand, I see uncertainties, I see chaos, I stop defining reality and instead walk in its flow. I react, I am honest, I stop predicting and sail across the sea beyond sanity…

I’m not trying to understand the world, I embrace it! I embrace each and every part and never ever resist the world as it is.

A whole theatrical conundrum of madness.

So this is not nonsense, this is divine!

As God!, god himself Is the absolute nonsense!.. That is why he is the almighty, the fire that burns, the cleansing alley, the masochist, the true general of this plane.


“Then god it is, you are after all”
NO!!.. I am an Insect! listen! it is all about performing illogical art as the purest image of one’s mind.


“But I am the archangel. I am michael”




“I see the edge of rationality. I see the limit of sanity. And in there,

I found the devil is waiting for me.
I HAVE to become an angel. I do not have a choice”




YOU. ARE. LYING!!!!!………..

The clown shot the dark man dozens of time. He slits and slits his body until eventually he reach his throat



Hahahahaaha.. Ha ha ha ha.. An angel? An angel?? You are a fell beast who tries to grow a pair of wings! You are no angel!! You are born to be condemned!


“No. I am not any of that”



An an.gel?? No.. No… No… You are not an angel! Angels die…. You are the devil. You are My devil! I.. I am none! I am… nothing… I am…



Then the clown slit his own throat, followed by the crumbling of each part of his bone and joints straight to the earth. He laughed. he chuckled and hooted louder than he ever had while his turbid red liquid melted and splattered across the room.

He is finished.

He is complete.

He is now much more colorful than he ever expected to be.


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