Revenge (TV Series) Alternate ending

So yea, I’ve finally finished watching the 1st season of revenge (i know, i know, super telat) dan memikirkan better possible twist ending.

For the note, the original ending itself is already good, well executed, but i kinda saw it coming.

Also, sorry for the language as I am in a ‘ngerant bacot’ mood so this is a writing version of that

  1. There is no Amanda Clarke

Ini rada nggak drama banget, more of a mindfuck. I really think that it would be awesome if our beloved main character is just fooling us. He is just Emily thorne, wanted to become a part of the graysons, knowing the truth about Amanda and pretending to be her. He knows that Nolan would give her some info and then BAM! Here goes the scheme.

  1. Victoria knows about Amanda

Anddd she faked her death. She realizes that her family is being played with, and yes, as the title said, she ALSO wants revenge.

  1. David Clarke IS guilty

Would it be such a troll? I mean, si bokap yang selama ini dibela bela ternyata emang bersalah, dan all of this shit is Nolan’s scheme. Nolan is a fucking fanboy of the guy anyway, so I think his delusional mind would create such elaborated lie, and he needs a participant for his madness. Who’s a much better candidate than David’s own daughter?

  1. Victoria is Amanda’s mom

Yes this would then have to erase some parts of the series, but I still think this plot twist would be killing the audience. I mean, who knows that the greatest adversary is the mom herself?

  1. The Flight 197 never crashed.

This is shit. If this happens, I would actually throw away my TV.

Kayaknya masih banyak deh what if nya. tapi satu hal yang menurut saya amat buruk adalah bagian ketika ‘amanda’s mom alive’

One thing in my mind was, who the eff cares? I mean, we never actually get any info whatsoever regarding her mom, we never actually get a chance to be attached to her character either. So one more time, WHO CARES?


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