A transcendental humanity: Review on the necessity of religion

Almost all of the religion encourages freedom. Especially freedom to choose any religion a person wants to embrace.

But each of them also saying that the religion you are reading is the rightest.

And those who do not follow would fall to the land of the false. Mostly known as hell.

This triumphalistic act is very understandable because most people need to know the truest of true, the answer to questions of reality. People also cannot be in perturbed state all the time, and the feeling of not knowing best way of undergoing life would create such great confusion.

Justice on the other hand, is very different. If there are two religions debating a single aspect that is negated in one and accepted in other, which would be considered just?

Polygamy for example, accepted in Mormon and Islam, strictly prohibited in others. Of course there will be dispute, there will be disagreement, and then the question would rise whether the advantage is worth the continually happening confrontation.

Religion is necessary but it is not mandatory. This is what most people, especially Indonesian, failed to understand. For someone to choose different religion with his/her families or rejecting any is a huge taboo. Social pressure is always presented for someone who does not want to affiliate or embrace religion. Therefore, even though it is very harsh statement, a religion is necessary for those (in Indonesia) who wants to avoid social punishment and discrimination. It is also necessary as a form of respect to the closest (family, close friends) in order for them able to accept a person as a congenial human being, keeping their previous perception and status towards that person.

Religion is necessary – it is unquestionable – but the degree of necessity still needs to be reconsidered. What kind of aspect inside such religion that considered improper to be practiced in our society? Is there any boundary between how much we need to talk about one’s religion to others.

One of the boundaries that should be set is regarding ‘missionary’ action. In the modern society, we are not supposed to spread our religion as we did in the old days. Religion should be a private matter; the understanding of each other should no longer consist of any conversion mission behind that, as the triumphalistic mindset rather only discussed internally.

Religion should no longer be seen as it is in the old age – a tool of colonialization. It is the age of global independence from any sort of (considered) oppressing creed or tenet, including religion. For the ones with belief therefore embracing religion, the base of such belief cannot consist of truth generalization and/or personal-justice promotion, but simply to reach inner peace and hopefully in the end, a world in harmony.

What makes religion necessary up until now is its godly nature. Some religion has transcendental rules; some cherish spirituality in its immanence. Even both of these understanding still take notice of uncontrolled things, of beings we could not fully seen, of the world higher than us. Therefore, the rules, the moral, the life guidance of religion considered to come from this higher world, considered to be the saying of gods, therefore people tend to show more obedience, and this is why religion necessary.

In this world full of chaos, submissive act is sometimes needed – as long as that act is for the greater good. No act could be more powerful than the god’s command towards humanity, and nothing more docile than a man with a full faith. This seems very negative, but the fact is, that people always need guidance that strong enough to make them believe in something so that they would start to act rather than drown in the sea of meaningless contemplation.

Therefore religion is at some point also necessary as a doctrine of truth. To create order and to provide the world with a sense of purpose.

Yet all of this use of religion is merely an argument. It is generally true but it could vary depend on the person. Nevertheless, if the question is whether the world still needs religion, the answer is definitely yes. But if we take that to personal level, there is no need to impose religion to every individual, as faith is not something anyone should be forced on.

That the truth for one, especially spiritual truth, will not always be the truth for others. This teaching has to be implemented in each of the religion in order to create tolerance, peace, and even one step closer to the wisdom of justice in the world.

Religion, even with its divine nature, should always consider the best for humanity itself. It is time for every religious entity to understand that arrogance cannot create peace. People should stop condemning others who has different belief, a pluralistic world is needed otherwise the world would be filled with fanatics.

And we should never let fanaticism turns into delusion. As if this happens, then maybe religion is no longer needed, even should not be encouraged no more. Religion should always about finding peace, creating harmony, getting the world as far away as possible from chaos.

Religion is necessary to stop war, not to start one among them. It is necessary to create unity, not to discriminate each other. It is a tool for human to be able to smile, to accept the world as it is, to try to understand life, to keep up the positive thought, to live better.

So yes, religion is necessary if it is not abusively used by human to conquer others, not used to judge who is wrong and who is right, to be kept in each of everyone’s heart, to make world peace.


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