A little romance. A little goodbye.

It felt like yesterday when I surprisingly found a greenish yellow notes, with two little words and a smiley on it.
I remember that I smiled that day. A very wide one, and cannot help but to think so much about dreams and possibilities.

You see, I have already know how it feels to become a leader, to be elected and won the voice of the people.
I have seen some beautiful places, I have seen great shows, lovely smiles, I have walked through the middle of sea of applause, I have bowed in front of hundreds of audience, to be acknowledged for my skill and abilities, to be respected.
I have smiled, I have cried, I have felt so many things in this life, almost everything perhaps.

But I have never smiled out of surprise because of a single note in a peculiar little book.

The book that I might have never be able to finish.

From that day, my heart somehow decided something.
Something that makes me able to wrote as much sentences as possible, makes me listen to her every dream, makes me think only about one thing, even in my faraway trip.

Then she said no.

Once again, out of nothing she said “this is it”

And I never understand what this life about to prepare.

What this life about to share.

All I see, is the remaining of her stories. Long words about what she wants in life, about things that I suddenly realized, never have myself in it.

Yet I remember that note.
I also remember another long words, simply saying I should be careful, back when I went away for a while. I remember names of my car, of her car, of laptops and of herself.
I remember two cakes. Colored and red. I remember a smile. I remember a girl with so much books in her hands she could barely lift them, saying ‘letsgo!’, making me who could only stand in the corner of a well named book store almost laughed. I remember happiness.

I should really stop remembering.

Because it turns out none of it means anything.

And I am just imagining things.

I am just dreaming.

I have to wake up.

I have to wake up.


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