Of devil and faith

“Humanity descends from heaven to become a witness. A witness of pain, a witness of sorrow, of endings, of hopes that shall never come true”

“Within truth, It is duty of beauty that some bear. To create colors. To become an inspiration of the forthcoming honors. And at the end we must prevail. At the end we must pretend. Forgetting the fact That the devil came upon us as savior of the thoughtless being. Giving us perception”

“It is not a matter of perspective, it is a matter immanence, of understanding and becoming the perception itself – Even in the very core of hyper reality we can never know of what is true – yet this is truth. This is beauty. This is finally understanding the purpose of life”

“Life. As a life itself. Bursting in every imagination of men, every turn of event, every scene of undying love that finally end. We see a bright glimpse of hope. An act of finding happiness. To be free. To transcend into something that is “more” yet also “less”. To lose existence itself”

“Exist. And sometimes to build a paralyzing moment of godly being. Saying that every page could turn into weapon. That the power of a book and a man could turn the soil into a pagan and their worshipers. Into gods. Into humanity itself”

….Dan manusia diturunkan ke ke bumi sebagai saksi mata. Menyaksikan sakit juga derita. Akhir serta Mimpi yang tak akan pernah berubah menjadi nyata….

….Dalam nyata, hanya ada indah sebagai beban. Terjadikanlah warna. menjadi inspirasi kehormatan yang datang. Dan pada ak…..





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