Wondering and dreaming

S: *smile*
M: hey.. is there something wrong?
S: haha.. nothing, you’re here too?
M: yap yap, i actually noticed you last week.
S: why didn’t you tell me?
M: its kind of weird if do isn’t it?
S: no its not.. you ARE weird by thinking that its weird..


S: Well!… lets get in then..
M: wait wait… mmmmm….. i really gotta tell you something, kind of important.. for me….. but….. i dunno..
S: *awkwardly staring*
M: come on, please don’t do that..
S: *smiling* oke.. what is it?
M: … i think… hmm..
S: it’s not about the name again right?
M: no… no…….. wait. *frown* what’s with that anyway? i truly think it would be better if people…
S: (interrupt) i know. its just weird for someone to say such thing.
M: yea.. im weird. I get it.
S: It doesn’t mean that its bad. come on.. just say what you wanted to say..
M: this would be the cheesiest thing u ever heard.
S: well i’ll be the judge of that.
M: so now you’re the judge..
S: just say it!
M: okeoke!. i know this won’t be the first time anyone say this to you. also, its not actually ‘romeo where art thou’ or any other shakespearean reference. im not that much of a poet..
S: andd….
M: i warned u, this would be cheesy
S: yeaaa…… I AM soooo preparedd…


M: i think you’re very beautiful..

S: …..

*awkward silence*

*awkward silence*

M: if you don’t say anything in the next 3 seconds i’m going to run like there’s a pitbull chasing me…
S: hahaahaha.. oke oke.. ‘ANYTHING’
M: well, thats very funny.

*awkward silence*

M: oke! im going… BYE!.. *turning away*
S: awww.. come one, don’t be mad.. hihii.. *giggly*
M: yeaa.. yeaa.. i’m weird and cheesy, i get it.. *walking away slowly*
S: noo.. but one thing………

S: you do know that i’m with someone right?
M: *stopping*

*brief moment of silence*

M: that doesn’t make you less prettier..
S: *smile*


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